Ambassador - Natural Pre Workout (High Stimulant) supplement

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Get stronger in the gym and train harder for longer periods of time with CreateU High Stim Pre Workout Sour Gummy.


With the added "kick" of energy & pump you'll find in our high stim pre-workout, you will notice a bitterness to the flavor. This is due to a formulated compound called "dynamine." We went back and forth on whether to include this or not, but after the energy boost we found by adding this special ingredient, we knew we could handle the bitter taste that came along with it! If you 100% can’t stand any type of bitter taste, we recommend you consider our low stim pre-workout which doesn’t have any of the bitterness at all. But if you’re looking for more intense & sustainable energy, focus, and pump for your workouts, you’ll definitely want to stick with the high stim!

  • - PeakO2 (exclusive formula) may improve power output and can help improve workout capacity
  • - Flavored naturally with Monk Fruit & Stevia (you will LOVE this taste)
  • - Green tea leaf extract: Loaded with antioxidants, can promote weight loss, may benefit exercise function and performance.
  • - L-Citrulline: Can help widen blood vessels and promote muscle growth
  • - Beta-Alanine: Helps combat lactic acid build-up during exercise
  • - Gluten Free