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High Quality Ingredients

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Amazing Taste

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Competitive Pricing

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Fast & Affordable Shipping

CreateU Nutrition

Is a supplement company founded by Brendan Meyers and the CreateU Team, headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

With our team's experience in the social space industry, we have tested out many of the products on the market and all we could think was... "WE CAN DO BETTER!"


Are meant to supply your body with the nutrients it's deficient in so that you can optimally perform at your best.

..but not all supplements are created equal.

At CreateU Nutrition, optimizing your overall health and performance is our priority.

We want to ensure your safety with our products, every single batch of our product formulations go through extensive third party quality checks and testing that goes above and beyond what is required by federal government regulation in order to certify our supplements with confidence.

The last time the FDA randomly inspected our manufacturing, there were zero findings, which means everything was perfect!


Are notorious for replacing high quality ingredients with cheap fillers to maximize their profit margins.

Most supplement companies tend to turn a blind eye to any necessary changes to earn a higher profit margin. This means... you pay more for lower quality ingredients.

When you purchase any supplement from CreateU Nutrition, you can be confident that it is safe, has been thoroughly researched, and that it will do everything we say it will do because...

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Every Ingredient Is Backed By Science

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Every Ingredient Is Tested For Safety And Purity With Our Manufacturer's Special Quarantine Process To Ensure We Are Only Using The Best Ingredients

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Every Production Run Is Tested With Safety, Label,Certification, And Stability Tests

Not Only

Are our products backed by science, we also strive to deliver quality and health benefits that you can taste (&enjoy!).

While other companies focus solely on flavor, or solely on ingredients...

We are focused on BOTH: natural ingredients that taste good and are good for you!

Only the best ingredients, extensive testing, and top notch sourcing... which means our products are going to be expensive, right? Absolutely not!

We provide competitive pricing for our customers and promise to never inflate our prices just because "everyone else is doing it".

In addition, we also take on the majority of our shipping costs to be able to make getting a CreateU Nutrition product in your hands the most affordable experience.

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Adam Peeler

"This not only is good for muscle building but great for the majority who don't get greens! Tastes good too."

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Andy Sun

"This is the 1st greens juice I've ever had and it doesn't taste like greens at all haha"

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Cornelius Masterson

"I've had a few other greens products but this one tastes the absolute best. I love the quality and freshness of the ingredients"

Taylor's Testimonial Image

Jessica Jacobson

"Usually greens don't taste good at all, these are the best tasting greens I've ever had"

Taylor's Testimonial Image

Joe Thurman

"This is actually pretty damn good, wow"

Taylor's Testimonial Image

Kaiya Olsen

"These are amazing! Taste is great"

Taylor's Testimonial Image

Taylor Daugherty

"This is so good, tastes like a chai tea latte. It's crazy you would spend a fortune to get some of these ingredients at the store..."

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Sean Wingo

The greens I've taken are double this price. This taste is on point! Awesome man

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Above All, CreateU Nutrition

Strives to provide you with the best tools and products you need to level up, ignite your breakthrough, and bring your vision to life

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