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Daily Greens


CreateU Daily Greens is a supplement designed to help your body receive the vital (missing) micronutrients you need to support your body in numerous ways. Containing over 40 superfoods, herbs, and extracts, CreateU Daily Greens might be the missing link to your health

Whether you are looking for a boost in immunity, energy levels, or aid in losing weight, CreateU Daily Greens gives you a powerful ally, whatever your goals are.

  • - Can improve metabolic function
  • - Has been shown to improve skin clarity
  • - Contains numerous super healthy antioxidants
  • - Studies have shown a boost in collagen production
  • - Boosts immune system function
  • - Helps with unwanted bloating
  • - Can boost overall mood and hormone levels
  • - Assists in naturally boosting energy levels
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Supplementing daily with a probiotic can be extremely beneficial to the way you feel and your overall health and wellness. The objective with CreateU Probiotics is to give your body more health-boosting microorganisms.

CreateU Daily Probiotics helps you battle the bacteria in your body, mostly in your gut. Your gut is responsible for numerous things including manufacturing vitamins, including vitamin K and some of the B vitamins.

By adding in the good kinds of bacteria, you’ll receive numerous benefits including:

  • - Weight loss
  • - Improved digestion
  • - Enhanced immune function
  • - Healthier skin
  • - And a reduced risk of many diseases

Also included in this product are prebiotics, which can be thought of as food for the probiotics.

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Creatine Product Creatine Product Creatine Product Creatine Product
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Creatine HCL


Creatine has become one of the most popular supplements among athletes. This is largely due to the amount of conclusive research backing it. Not only is creatine great for muscle growth, it is also very important for energy production.

Creatine HCl is a form of creatine that has a high water solubility, allowing quicker absorption compared to other forms of creatine.

  • - Can improve muscle growth
  • - Has been shown to improve athletic performance
  • - Studies have shown a boost in muscle strength
  • - Helps reduce water retention
  • - May lower blood sugar levels
  • - Can boost overall brain function
  • - Assists in reducing fatigue and tiredness
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